On being Green

Sansone Company, Inc. is committed to conserving all resources and conducting all work performed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Conservation in the field – recycling demolished materials:

Pro-active environmental risk management, consisting of proper planning and startup, training and communication with the owner, is part of every job we undertake.

Sansone Company, Inc. performs a large amount of demolition work in conjunction with our contracts. Three of our most recent demolition jobs — Hancock Terrace (Santa Maria for The Towbes Group Inc.), South Street Apartments (an affordable living project in San Luis Obispo) and the abandonment of four Minute Man and Peace Keeper missile silos at Vandenberg AFB — collectively generated over 7,600 tons of demolished materials. On a project-by-project basis, we successfully recycled the following percentages of the overall waste stream: 88%, 98% and 81%.

Conservation at the Office:

Our office staff is encouraged to make a maximum effort while striving for paperless communication and data storage without physical documents. The waste stream the office does generate is also recycled to the highest percentage possible. This conservation extends to our use of water as well as electricity in our daily activities.